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Interactive Example

Here’s an example for the proposed interactive website.

enjoy x


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Hispiwrit Promo

Here is the “How To” video for one iteration of our project. Enjoy!


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The Daily Segway

A great blog, promoting happiness, take a look!


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Evening all,

Twas a productive meeting this afternoon despite only 3 of us present, but hoping everyone is safe, well and still laden with enthusiam.

Nick presented some of his handomse graphics for a possible logo. Nick will continue to work with some of the ideas discussed today and present the group with a mood board next Tuesday. Fundamentally, ideas of symbolism, video, sound or storytelling could be portrayed through our logo. Check out Charlottes website for a lovely exmple of logo design, web layout and use of font & colour which is aimed at a specific audience. Thoughts and feelings anyone?


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How it Looks

This it what the site looks like so far:



Also check out this blog for research, loads of really interesting intuitive sites



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hey guys made a skeleton template of how the main page of the website could function… feedback would be appriciated 🙂 also Nick and Makeni get some design ideas ready to implement into it to make it wonderful and pretty 🙂

Also writtle is well nice atm… everyone should come down and work in the sun (if you have time off to do so obviously) but yeah i’ll be here tommorow!


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Vimeo Channel

This is our Vimeo channel:


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