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As agreed, Estella can begin to look at the ‘User journey’. By this we mean depicting the journey (or steps) one must take, or operations which need to be performed in order to utilise our website and create a narrative. This could be depicted through graphics detailing a step-by-step guide or as a video (see for a beautifully executed example – thanks Estella).

If Amy could work with Estella on this, no doubt you two are going to come up with some wonderful ideas. This will hopefully be the catalyst to answering other hurdles which we may be faced with, i.e. site functionality.

Looking forward to seeing all data Jane and Makeni have gathered. Right now it is ANY video and ANY audio, within reason of course and what you believe will be appropriate. Everyone feel free to bring along sounds and sights you may have captured. Sam loving’ your work! By next Tuesday we should have enough material to produce a basic narrative.

Please share your ideas. The more the merrier.
(Apologies for the multiple posts!)


Can everyone have a look at It’s a synchronised text-based animation, possibly produced in Flash, but is highly engaging.


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Evening all,

Twas a productive meeting this afternoon despite only 3 of us present, but hoping everyone is safe, well and still laden with enthusiam.

Nick presented some of his handomse graphics for a possible logo. Nick will continue to work with some of the ideas discussed today and present the group with a mood board next Tuesday. Fundamentally, ideas of symbolism, video, sound or storytelling could be portrayed through our logo. Check out Charlottes website for a lovely exmple of logo design, web layout and use of font & colour which is aimed at a specific audience. Thoughts and feelings anyone?


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Hey everybody. Amy and I have just been having a conversation that really highlights how confused we still are about what this project is about. I am going to write the manifesto, but when I am finished, I am going to post it on here, and I want everyone to give me some detailed feedback about it. I want to be the voice of the group on this, not just my own thoughts, so I want you to be really honest about helping me know what to put in!


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WordPress @writtleart

hey all wordpress @writtleart is now liiive!

For now just added admin log in / out function… picked a fairly basic design, obviously need to decide design and layout.. will have other parts of the site together post haste 🙂 (tuesday)


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