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Interesting Fonts/ Pallettes

Hey Nick and Joe found a couple of sites that are pretty good starting points for finding interesting fonts, pallettes blah blah blah

so have a look!!

this site is generally great for research…



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Dragon Dictation

Hi everybody, I was introduced to a really good iphone4 app the other day, I mentioned it to Amy and Charlene today but didn’t get around to telling the rest of you but what do you reckon about having this app linked to our web site where people can dictate their feelings of happiness at the time they are experiencing them and posting straight onto our site through email,- take a look its awesome!


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Web Design

hey guys!

thought i’d write a couple of bits as to what ive been up to with web design

.. WordPress’s sandbox mode isn’t the right tool to use, Its a css template which is A) very confusing
and B) only partially editable.

However we could make a home page from scratch with html then have links to a feed on wordpress, i can get some help from mike to understand how to upload vids, images (similar to pete’s project last year)

any thoughts?

also Nick you said you had designed a logo? can you upload?



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Html Code Help

This maybe could help you Sam with the codes, html, css and php 🙂



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hey all, been playing with wordpress and css/html today. Turns out we have to pay to edit our own code into, bad times. However we can use and have our own fancy website, with the wordpress admin tools (similar to inspiwrit blog). Mikes going to sort it tomorrow hopefully.

Also great leaps and bounds have been made learning more about css html and so forth. Feel pretty confident i can develop the page myself ‘without’ primarily using template themes from wordpress . Which also cuts out the risk of ad, virus and other nasty critters related to downloading off third party sights (as mentioned in charlottes link).

Yeah early days still, all looks bright and sunny though 🙂

Amy and Charlene can we organize a date to discuss the layout and specific features which will be added to the website? Specifically need Nick and Joe to get thinking about design and layout, colour palette and so forth.

Sam Sam McSam Clan




Good evening/morning everyone.
After the meeting today, Amy asked me to pop in on here and write a recap of the steps we took today- especially for the three of you who were not present.
We (Charlene, Jane, Amy, Sam, and Myself) felt that it was necessary to plunge ahead and get something physically started because we were starting to feel like hamsters running on a wheel!!
So, we did three things:
We confirmed wordpress as our working platform, and registered a new WP blog under the name …the idea of course being that this name would be in keeping with our inspiwrit blog, convey the idea that the group agreed upon, and of course show pride for out wonderful Uni!! 🙂
We also registered a separate gmail email account to work in conjunction with the blog in case we receive comments, etc. And also simply because the blog required an email to link to, and it felt better to use one we could all access just in case 🙂

For the time being, our newly “pressed” Highspiwrit blog is incredibly plain. There is really nothing to see except a working domain. Sam has agreed to look into the language of blogs and start working on how to customize it visually. I hope that Joe and Nick, and possibly Makeni (if that’s where his interest lies) will be especially interested in helping him with this, assuming you are still feeling happy and comfortable being an integral part of the ‘design team.’

It’s fair to say that of course we all want a say in what it looks like, and Charlene even presented a fairly cohesive ‘vision’ for what she is picturing on the spot on the whiteboard. The five of us agreed that it will be incredibly helpful to mess around with the look and feel (once we get to that stage) in person, all together so that nobody’s toes get trodden on.

So- to recap: Sam is working on learning how to customize, and will be contacting Joe, Nick, and Makeni for help, Charlene and Amy are writing a timetable/plan for how we are going to ‘ship’ (accomplish… preferably on time 😉 this project, Jane is… what is Jane doing? My mind is blank… :O I am writing, and starting to formulate our manifesto (but I will need to talk to people a little more)





I was researching “mappiness” and as it is a fairly new app the originators have set up a feedback page for their users to suggest other things they’d like to see happen with this app, this is a forum page of all the suggestions given which may help us build on what the public are looking for. x


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