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Hey everyone- this manifesto is proving harder to do than I thought! I keep trying to write something more in-depth, but it’s not working because I keep getting the manifesto confused with a project description. SO, I have written an extremely short piece that I need you to give me feedback on PLEASE!! Help!! What does it need?


“We aim to create a moment of suspended surprise and curiosity for our visitors.
By using the mediums of video, sound, and narrative story, we have created a space for play and experimentation.

Explore our library cache of visual and audio clips by keyword and fill them into the blanks of the story on the front page. Then, press play and watch and listen to your unique spin on the tale.”





Mad Libs

Ok so I have been looking into the Mad Libs and started to come up with something so here is the first draft (let me know what you think or if you want to add anything or change something.) I have tried to keep it very simple and it does sound weird with the blanks in. I have also tried to incorporate sound and feelings. I think it allows alot of leway though and can create something weird and wonderfull with it 🙂 Not sure if its what you guys wanted though! here it is:

A man was walking his [BLANK] in the [BLANK], when suddenly a [BLANK] startled him. The man felt very [BLANK]. He carried on walking and saw a [BLANK] which was [BLANK]. The man thought nothing of it and carried on walking untill he heard [BLANK]. He looked behing him and found the [BLANK] was following him. He asked the [BLANK] what he was doing and the [BLANK] replied ‘I really need [BLANK] and I thoguht you [BLANK] it’. The man laughed and [BLANK].



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