Hello all, just writing up some bits we were discussing over coffee, for those who weren’t there give some feedback 🙂

Our main idea was creating a narrative which could be continued by anyone. The medium used could be anything from video to sketches and could be anything from a dialogue between characters to a magical mystical adventure with dragons 🙂 (or possibly without)

This lead on to a narrative/story/poem created by children, the artworks for which would be designed by artists

similarly a fixed narrative was discussed and the ‘artworks’ created by children

also a mock version of ‘Chinese whispers’ whereby the first person draws something, the second describes what it is, the third draws that and so on…

These were the main ones, if i missed anything out then post it up

sameth shepman

  1. #1 by hispiwrit on April 12, 2011 - 11:57 am

    Hey Sam, thanks for posting this!
    I think it’s also worth noting that there was definitely some fire around the idea of developing an Apple App. for the AppStore… and learning to use the app platform as a means of simply and effectively g…etting our idea across.

    Also, although a few people missed the Italian’s brilliant Art Is Open Source presentation today, there is the possibility of using the QRcodes that they presented as an incredible means of creating/spreading work.

    What do you all think? Ruth is expecting a fairly clear directional idea tomorrow.

    Also, as far as a name for our project goes, and a mission statement, we will probably need to think about settling our idea and finalizing those very soon since technically we were supposed to have them for her tomorrow. (I think she’ll understand though if we have a cool direction to talk about.)


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